Woodspring Psychological Services: Long Distance Consultations

Long Distance Consultations

Most consultations take place at my premises in Somerton, Somerset: however, at certain times you may have to travel for work, or you may be on holiday but wish to retain contact. Or you may live a considerable distance from Somerton or for some other reason be unable to commit to regular trips there. I am glad to say that various other options are available. So - not being able physically to get to a session in Somerton need not prevent you having therapy.

There are several possibilities: the first and most obvious is for you to come to an appointment elsewhere. I hold weekly clinics at the Nuffield Health Taunton Hospital and monthly clinics near Leamington Spa in Warwickshire.

If none of these locations prove suitable there are still other avenues open to you: if we usually meet face-to-face but you are unable to get to appointments for a period of time, perhaps because of work commitments, then using the telephone or email can provide continuity of our sessions at times when we would otherwise have to take a break. In general, once we have started therapy, minimising interruptions is something you will come to appreciate, and supports the quality of our work, so telephone and consultations can provide a very welcome stopgap.

At other times, telephone sessions or email exchanges can provide additional support if necessary, between scheduled face-to-face sessions and can increase the flexibility of our contact.

Finally, we can make use of some of today’s technology and conduct sessions over the telephone with live video link, providing an experience as close to true “face-to-face” as possible. This option requires you to have a webcam and computer connected to broadband. In order to get the most out of these sessions, I would recommend that find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.

If you are interested in pursuing any of these options, please get in touch, using the Contact page. We can then agree a date and time for the appointment - which will be booked into the diary in exactly the same way as face-to-face sessions and charged at my usual rates.

If you would like to use your computer to talk to me, either with or without a webcam, and don’t already have Skype, you will need to download the free Skype software by clicking the logo below. You can then register for a free account which will allow you to make and receive Skype calls via your computer at no cost.

You will also require a microphone and speakers or headphones (an all in one headset is often best) and you’ll need a webcam if you wish to video call.

For headsets you could try:


For webcams you could try:

Or for a headset and webcam bundle you could try:




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