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I have written for the academic and popular press for over twenty years. My articles have appeared in such publications as Psychology Teaching, The Psychologist, Journal of the Society for Reproductive and Infant Psychology and Kinder Chirurgie. My articles have also appeared in Counselling News, Healing and Wholeness, Day by Day and the Church of England Newspaper. Woman Alive has run two series of my articles, on such topics as self esteem, stress, anger, trust, juggling roles, disability and dreams.

I was a member of the Working Party which produced the Church of England report in 2000 entitled 'A Time to Heal'. I have also been featured on various radio programmes and in a training video. I have written book reviews for a range of publications.

I have written two books. Both were commissioned by HarperCollinsReligious and received good reviews, although they are now out of print.

'Growing Through Loss and Grief' was first published in 1994. It sold out and a revised edition was published in 1998. A copy of this book can be purchased from Amazon.

After the success of 'Growing Through Loss and Grief' I was invited to write a second book for the same series, 'Handbooks for Pastoral Care'. This volume was called 'Creative Methods in Counselling'. 'Creative Methods in Counselling' was published in 1997.

I am delighted to announce that a new edition of Creative Methods in Counselling - which has been out of print for some time - has now been published. If you would like to buy a copy, please click here or use the link below.




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